Australian Conference in Adelaide

We are flying to Australia where we will have the opportunity to present our solutions to Australian growers.We invite YOU…

date25 October 2022


How to ensure effective bottom and top shelf picking?

A good mushroom picking trolley should have features that make picking as efficient as possible. Therefore, it should be equipped…

date6 October 2022


More in the UK

The fourth delivery of another set of lorries in the last 2 years is the best proof of the satisfaction…

date4 October 2022


Trade fair – mushrooms – conference – in USA

HERE WE WERE – USA !And after the first day of the “Mushroom Short Course”.New partnerships , new experiences, new…

date25 September 2022


Welcome to canada

The ship arrived in a Canadian port. Shipped a few weeks ago, our latest solution has finally arrived in the…

date20 September 2022


A general contractor or an expert in a narrow specialisation. Which to choose when constructing and equipping a mushroom growing farm?

The process of setting up a mushroom growing farm is a multi-stage one. Whether you are in the planning stage…

date2 June 2022


What affects mushroom picking’s profitability and ergonomics the most?

Experience and knowledge of mushroom growing farm’s owners, which was shared over the years of discussions between different entrepreneurs, allows…

date9 February 2022


Is selective picking a worthwhile investment for mushroom growing farms?

What affects mushroom picking efficiency the most in mushroom growing farms? Nearly every profitable, modern mushroom growing farm chooses to…

date3 January 2022


Introducing Valor 1000 – a new battery-powered and highly durable mushroom scale

GROWTIME is constantly developing and continues to produce new equipment for mushroom growing farms that fully meet the needs of…

date8 November 2021


2020 summary for GROWTIME

We entered the new year 2021, so it’s a good time to summarize what happened in GROWTIME in Despite the…

date13 January 2021


Apparently, mushrooms are one of the most commonly bought products in Australia!

Yes! In Australia, mushrooms are, right after the potatoes, the second most valuable fresh vegetable. Since 2018, Newton with a…

date12 September 2020


Canadian soup with mushrooms?

Canada is a multicultural and diverse country. Canadian cuisine is a mix of tastes from different parts of the world….

date1 September 2020


GROWTIME New Innovative Solution Coming Soon…

date7 August 2020


We’re going to sunny Croatia!

No, not for holidays, just work hard  The next batch of our lorries will become part of this beautiful place….

date1 August 2020


Container ready to go. This time leaving for Israel. Expansion goes on.

Container fully of mushrooms picking lorries on the way to port. This time, it flows to our client to Israel….

date15 June 2020


Expansion: our mushroom lorries and Croatia!

We have some hot positive news to share with you. Yes, we have signed a contract with one of the…

date1 May 2020


GROWTIME at Mushroom Days 2019 in the Netherlands

The Mushroom Days 2019 fair are currently taking place in the Netherlands. The event is a great opportunity for industry…

date23 May 2019


New products in our offer

U frame-pallet scales and Floor scales Platforms. The OHAUS VE Series are the value solution for your dry or washdown…

date22 May 2019


Mushroom Days 2019

From 22nd to 24th May 2019 the Mushroom Days will be organized for the 35th edition in de Brabanthallen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch….

date19 May 2019



Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal and New life. Celebrate this easter with heart filled with…

date21 April 2019