Introducing Valor 1000 – a new battery-powered and highly durable mushroom scale

GROWTIME is constantly developing and continues to produce new equipment for mushroom growing farms that fully meet the needs of consumers. We are pleased to announce that we have added new, unique Valor 1000 mushroom scales to our offer. They are universal devices, designed primarily for practicality and durability.

The battery allows up to 1500 hours of operation

The key distinguishing feature of the Valor 1000 scale from the point of view of efficiency and usability in mushroom growing farms is that its battery doesn’t have to be replaced for a very long period of time. It can be even up to a yearor 1000-1500 hours. Such a low power consumption of the device is possible thanks to the use of an energy-saving construction.

Due to the use of batteries, there is no need to connect the scale to the electricity network. The device can therefore be easily used in places far away from electrical sockets.

What else can a mushroom growing farm gain from not having to recharge frequently? Another important issue is saving the pickers’ time. They don’t have to constantly verify the charge status of the scale and connect it to the charger, wait for it to be charged and then disconnect it. Replacing the battery is a much faster and less cumbersome process.

It should also be noted that this solution completely eliminates the risk of potential damage to chargers or their cables. These types of components can have a high failure rate, especially with intensive and long-term use, and thanks to the battery-powered scale, you don’t need to use them at all.

Weighing options perfect for mushroom farms

The above-mentioned benefits related to the use of efficient battery power supply, however, are only a fraction of the advantages of these scales. They couldn’t possibly lack all the key weighing options, which are used in mushroom growing farms most often.

Therefore, as standard, the scales include checkweighing, summation and quick unit change options, which should allow for quick and efficient operation. When checkweighing during harvesting, an acoustic signal emitted by the device can be particularly useful.

Valor 1000 scales meet the requirements of the HACCP Quality Management System; therefore, they can be used for weighing food products without any concerns.

Fast and precise measurements

Precision is one of the most important parameters of every scale. It is especially crucial in mushroom growing farms in order to be able to properly select mushrooms during harvesting.

The new Valor 1000 model is distinguished above all by the accuracy of the indications (the measurement accuracy is up to 0.5 g), made possible by the high internal resolution.

It is also worth emphasizing that the scale can be easily leveled. Moreover, the measurement stabilization time of less than 0.2 s increases work efficiency and allows for quick weighing of even a large number of mushrooms.

Usability at the highest level

Our latest scales have a super clean interface. The use of a bright, very readable LCD display with white backlight ensures trouble-free reading of weighing results.

We also ensured simple operation, for which only two buttons are used. The ability to instantly and intuitively select the weighing option required in a given moment, in particular checkweighing, guarantees easy and quick work.

Durable and hygienic design

Compact dimensions make the device very easy and convenient to carry. It is an efficient, economical choice for routine weighing, which should be perfect for any mushroom growing farm.

The removable pan is made of stainless steel and the housing is made of ABS. The design of the Valor 1000 has been approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF), a recognized US non-profit organization dedicated to setting quality standards for products intended for contact with food. Easy cleaning of the scale saves time and ensures complete hygiene of its use.

Importantly, Valor 1000 scales are covered by a 2-year warranty (exemptions for mechanical damage and flooding apply). It’s a piece of equipment made to last, characterized by high quality.

More information about the new scale for mushroom growing farms, including its exact specification, can be found in the product card, here. The standard equipment includes an integrated spirit level, adjustable legs and convenient handles for carrying the scale. Please feel free to contact us so that we can answer any questions you may have and discuss how our scales can help your mushroom growing farm.Akapit

In addition to the Valor 1000 model, our offer also includes other mushroom scales used in mushroom farms: Valor 2000 and Valor 4000. They are characterized primarily by the ultra-high degree of protection IP68. It means that it is almost completely waterproof. According to the standard, the device must be completely dust-proof, and it should also withstand immersion in water for a longer time and at greater depth than the lower standard. We are referring specifically to the Valor 2000 and Valor 4000 models.