Precise results in difficult conditions VALOR 2000

Waterproof mushroom scales VALOR 2000 with IP68

Why Valor 2000?


Extremely fast and durable scales to help increase the efficiency, safety and productivity of your mushroom farm!

The waterproof OHAUS Valor 2000 scale raises the bar and sets new standards with the ideal combination of speed and durability. Available versions:  stainless steel or ABS housing. VALOR 2000 are equipped with a large, double-sided LED display, a reinforced polycarbonate keyboard resistant to mechanical damage (e.g. knife cutting). All this makes that Valor 2000 is the best weight for working in dry and wet climates.

Knife Proof Keypard Prevents Damage from sharp objects

Valor 2000 has a 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate keyboard which makes it scratch-resistant with sharp tools such as a knife, impact and puncture.

The housing of the Valor 2000 is smooth, which allows for easy removal of dirt and other substances. Stainless steel models have an additional protective layer.

Large Dual Display

Double-sided, extremely fast display allows to use the scale by two operators simultaneously.

A stabilization time of less than half a second and with an additional display allows for even more efficient use of the scale. Stainless steel version has additional LEDs for checkweighing. The large, clear LED display allows to display 20.5 mm high numbers, i.e. bigger than the competitors’ scales.

Flow - Thru

Innovative Flow-Thru design Protects the balance against condensation that could occur inside the balance when working in humid conditions in a mushroom farm.

Specially designed holes guarantee that no water will accumulate in the scale which could damage the electronics. Additionally, the connections of the electronic wires have been secured with special silicone and the displays have been protected with waterproof gel.

Flow-Thru makes the scale can be washed after each harvest, which is necessary in the mushroom industry.

Power and Portability

The 100-240 VAC universal power adapter can be operated from any power source and can automatically adapt to different power and voltage. After disconnecting the power supply, the scale works thanks to the built-in lead-acid battery, providing power supply for up to 50 hours, which allows the scale to operate throughout the working week! Socket  is protected by a special spring-loaded cap protecting the scale against penetration of moisture and dirt, especially during washing or using the scale during harvesting.

Non – slip Leveling Feet

Large rubber, adjustable feet are placed in the corners of the balance, making valor 1000 stable  and resistant to all kinds of surface slip. Specially shaped rubber bottom of the feet prevents the scale from moving on a damp surface. The feet are designed in such a way as to meet the strict requirements necessary for granting the VALOR 2000 the NFS Food Safety Certificate.

Application modes

  • Weighing – determine the weight of items in the  selected unit of measure.
  • Checkweighing (V22XW model only) – Three additional red/yellow/green LEDs (front and back of the scale) are very useful for packing, filling, sorting, inspection, etc.


Valor 2000 is certified as NSF/ANSI 169 Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices and has received USDA AMS approval to use the NSF/ANSI /3-A14159-1 Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment.


  • Scale dimensions (W × D × H)
  • V22PW: 256 x 280 x 121 mm
  • V22XW: 256 x 288 x 124 mm
  • Pan size: (W × D)242 x 190
  • Shiping dimensions: (W × D × H) 410 x 370 x 220 mm


  • Front and rear LED display, digits up to 20.5 mm high
  • V22PW:  weighing;
  • V22XW:  weighing, control weighing with threshold signalling
  • V22PW model: ABS housing and stainless steel pan
  • Model V22XW: stainless steel housing and pan
  • Stabilisation time:  less than 0,5 s
  • AC adapter and built-in battery
  • Battery operation: Typically 50h of continous use with 12-hour full chargé
  • Working time: up to 8h

Scale: 1.5 / 3 / 6 / 15 kg






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**The guarantee excludes mechanical damage or flooding of the scale (you can find more detail in the general warranty conditions).