Top quality waterproof compact scale IP68 VALOR 4000

The perfect connection of durability and touchless operation. Flagship mushroom scales.

Why our product?

Damage resistant keyboard

Keyboard resistant to punctures or cuts with a sharp tool such as a knife. Valor 4000 is equipped with an extremely durable 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate keyboard. The Valor 4000 is equipped with an extremely durable 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate keyboard. Using the highest quality material, it is resistant to impact or puncture. The housing of the Valor 4000 is smooth, which makes it easy to remove dirt and other substances. Stainless steel models have an additional protective layer.


Valor 4000 raises the bar and sets a new standard that combines speed, durability and and touchless  operation.

The mushroom scale is available in two versions – with a stainless steel or ABS housing. They are equipped with a large double LED display, a reinforced polycarbonate keyboard resistant to mechanical damage (e.g. knife cutting). Valor4000 is NSF Food Safety certified, legalized and HACCP compliant. All this makes the Valor 4000 the best scale for use in both dry and wet harsh environments.

Large Dual display

A dual-sided LED display  allows  to use the scale more than one operator at the same time. Even in difficult conditions, the large, clear displays are clearly visible from a long distance.

The Flow-Thru design protects Valor 4000 in harsh environments

The Valor 4000 is designed based on flow-thru technology.

It is a fully waterproof scale designed for use in harsh, humid environments. Specially designed holes allow the drain of water that may accumulate inside the enclosure e.g. through temperature changes in the working environment. The internal parts are additionally protected with waterproof silicone. The Valor 4000 can be washed after each harvest, which allows the standards to be met.

Proximity sensor, Several modes of operation to increase productivity

The use of a proximity sensor with 0.5s stabilization time increases weighing productivity without losing accuracy. The checkweighing and percentage weighing modes further extend the list of scale applications.

Valor 4000 provides not only fast stabilization time, but also extraordinary precision! The scale perfectly combines a high resolution of 1:6,000/1:7,500. An additional proximity sensor next to the rear display acts as a tare, which allows a second operator to tare the scale with one hand movement. The scale has been designed to help maximize efficiency in the weighing process. Valor 4000 also features checkweighing, summing and percentage weighing functions.

Power and Portability

The 100-240 VAC universal power supply can be operated from any power source and can automatically adapt to different power and voltage. After disconnecting the power supply, the scale uses a built-in lead-acid battery, which provides power for up to 50 hours, allowing the scale to operate all week long! The power supply socket is protected by a special spring-loaded cap to protect the scale before moisture penetrates, especially when washing the scale.

Non – slip Leveling Feet

The large rubber adjustable feet are placed in the corners of the scale in such a way that the scale is as stable as possible, making it highly resistant to any kind of slippage even on slippery surfaces. The rubber underside of the feet is designed to meet the requirements of the NFS Food Safety Certificate.

Application modes

  • Weighing – Determine the weight of items in one or more weighing units – g, kg – use the 0.2g to 5g readability for weighing additives, spices and yeast.
  • Percent Weighing – The Valor 4000 includes % weighing for recipe formulation and baker’s percentages. Just weigh the flour on the Valor’s platform, capture the reference weight and all other ingredients can be weighed as a % of the flour weight, making small batches of dough quick and easy to work up! Practical use in formulation, ingredients weighing and baker’s percentage.
  •  Check Weighing – Use the bright red/yellow/green LED’s to easily fill containers and packages by weight – great for sorting, grading and portioning.
  •  Accumulation – Keep a running total of all items by weight for recording long production run results


Valor 4000 is certified by the NSF/ANSI 169 Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices and Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment.


  • Scale dimension: (W × D × H)
  • V41PW: 256 x 280 x 121 mm
  • V41XW: 256 x 288 x 124 mm
  • Platform size: (W × D)242 x 190
  • Shiping  dimensions: (W × D × H) 410 x 370 x 220 mm


  • Front and rear LED display, digits up to 20.5 mm high
  • Application Modes Weighing, Percent Weighing, Checkweighing, Accumulation
  • V41PW: ABS housing and stainless steel pan
  • Model: V41XW: stainless steel housing and pan
  •  stabilisation time of less than 0,5 s
  •  AC adapter and built-in battery
  • Battery Operation: Typically 50 hours of continuous use with 12-hour full charge
  • working time up to 8 h
  • Scale: 1.5 / 3 / 6 / 15 kg


ABS housing


Stainless steel housing


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**The guarantee excludes mechanical damage or flooding of the scale (you can find more detail in the general warranty conditions).