Efficient Newton trolleys: the key to a mushroom farm’s success!

Nowadays, efficiency, customer service and cost minimization are integral to the success of any production facility. In the mushroom industry, the quality of the equipment plays a key role, especially in the case of picking trolleys, which have a huge impact on the profitability of the business.

7 years of fruitful cooperation

In 2016, we signed a contract for the supply of mushroom farm equipment, including trolleys, aluminium shelving and growing nets for Łukasz Kiwała — the owner of a mushroom farm located near Łódź.

In recent weeks, another cooperation has taken place, this time regarding equipping his mushroom farm with:

What is the cooperation with GROWTIME based on?

Our company builds the right image and wins the trust of customers by providing the highest quality products and ensuring support at every stage, both before and after signing the contract, as well as throughout the service life of our products.

We provide durable and safe solutions that ensure long-term profitability due to low maintenance costs and high efficiency. The safety of our investors is our priority, which is why our products meet the highest safety standards.

We believe that our Newton trolleys will become the key to the success of Mr Łukasz’s mushroom farm.

Thanks to their efficiency, ease of use and low maintenance costs, they will contribute to the increase in profitability and work efficiency.

That’s not all…

The current order is another, but not the last, chapter of our cooperation, which is developing with every passing year. Using this opportunity, we would also like to thank him for his trust and say that we are proud that we can contribute to the success of Mr Łukasz’s mushroom farm.

We invite you to visit our website, where you will find the full history of our cooperation and detailed information about our products.

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Marketa Bakes
I had a chance to cooperate with Michal on some other matter and I can say that he is really realible person, very straightforward and communicative. I can say I can recommend him to do the business with, from my own experience.
Krystian Sopiński
GROWTIME is our long-term business partner who always rises to the challenge. The products supplied by GROWTIME are characterized by high quality, long-term reliability and impeccable aesthetics. This company has professional technical service that is able to design and implement machines for the most demanding customers. I am pleased to say that choosing GROWTIME was a good choice and it is a pleasure to work with the experienced staff.
Josipa Ervačić
Very efficient, reliable and business correct. Always at the service of its customers in terms of professional assistance, advice and other things important for better cooperation and progress.
Tommy G
Very high standards of production and order fulfillment. The product, in our case – picking trolleys, is well designed and adjusted to the dimensions we provide. The trucks perform very well. The service from the GrowTime team was excellent, including export documents and shipping.
Kamil Hornowski
unbeatable prices
Anita Krynska
Fast order fulfillment and very good contact.
Kuba Brodziu
Professional approach to the client. High quality of the offered products and competitive prices. I recommend!
Harry Nolan
We purchased collection platforms, tunnel lighting, grow nets and collection aprons and are impressed with the quality of everything. The pre-sale and after-sale service is also excellent. Growtime is a great partner to work with.
Łukasz Zalewski
A company worth recommending. The quality of the products offered is very good. Everything was sorted out on time. Very good contact with the owner, he will help and advise in every situation. We have been working together for several years and always with full professionalism. Keep it up. Regards