Mushroom picking lorry - picking trolley Newton

The NEWTON aluminium lorry is a device used for picking mushrooms from a harvesting shelving.

The NEWTON hanging mushroom lorry is equipped with electric drives / winches, which significantly improve the ergonomics of work and the efficiency of harvesting.

Why are mushroom farms around the world starting to earn more with electric mushroom pickers?

Selective picking icon

Selective picking

Automating the movement of the lorry platform up and down and to the right and left (optional) will result in up to 1.5 kg more mushrooms per 1m2 of harvest.

Higher harvesting efficiency icon

Higher harvesting efficiency

The NEWTON lorry guarantees about 20% higher harvesting efficiency per hour. Mainly due to a capability of electric raising and lowering of the platform.

Bottom shelf picking icon

Bottom and last shelf picking

Something which many mushroom farm owners value is an option of easy mushrooms picking from the bottom shelf of the shelving, as well as from the last shelf, especially for shorter people. Then a need of investing in additional equipment which is usually required to pick mushrooms from the bottom shelf no longer applies.

High security icon

High security

Unique solutions were used when designing the lorry. This guarantees the safety of the mushroom farm employees and of the entire environment.


Easy and ergonomic operation

Your employees will increase the speed of harvesting and also the number of kg/h, at a much lower cost of physical effort.

Bigger crops icon

Bigger crops

You will get a much bigger and faster return on your investment thanks to bigger crops per square meter of cultivation.

Support and maintenance icon

Support and maintenance

We offer our partners and clients professional assistance, maintenance service of the equipment, as well as continuous access to consumable parts at producer’s prices!

Green energy

Innovative system of electric energy recovery, by charging batteries during braking of drives (so-called green energy is created).

Controller temperature monitoring system

A solution that controls the temperature of electronic components controlling the device, which guarantees their protection from potential damage.

Incident communication system

A system informing (through the remote control and the control box) about the arising situation related to, for example, overload of a given drive or low battery charge, etc.

Battery capacity level monitoring system

Longer battery life and lower maintenance costs thanks to an even more precise battery charge monitoring system that supervises their capacity level (indication from the remote control as well as the control box).

Overload control system for all drives

A precise system limiting potential damage in the course of improper operation.

Soft start

the function of soft start of drives (engines) and soft deceleration ensures smooth operation and long life of the device

We offer the NEWTON mushroom picking lorry in two options:

Up and down icon

Option 1 - Up & Down

The lorry platform moves up and down thanks to an electric winch.

Up and down and left and right icons

Option 2 - Up & Down + Left & Right

The lorry platform moves up and down thanks to an electric winch (detachable or fixed) and left and right thanks to a detachable electric drive. With this option, the lorry can run 40 hours and longer without the need to recharge the batteries.

Presentation of the NEWTON mushroom picking lorry

Discover the unique, proprietary solutions that we have placed in the NEWTON mushroom picking lorry

The hanging lorry designed for mushroom picking also provides for ergonomic mushroom picking from the lowest shelf. The up / down movement of the platform is carried out by means of an electric winch which is coupled with a stainless rope with a dedicated weave. Transport wheels allow the lorry to be transported between the rooms. The electric winch is powered by efficient gel batteries.

Detailed construction diagram of the aluminium picking lorry NEWTON series
Construction scheme of mushroom picking trolley NEWTON

Stable seat

The lorry has a stable seat made of aluminium. The upper part is covered with plastic, which has constant geometrical properties in an environment characterized by high humidity. The seat may be placed anywhere, which makes it adaptable to the posture and position of the mushroom picker.

Three or two adjustable shelves for the weighing scale and crates

The lorry has a layout of shelves for mushroom crates and scales which can be adjusted up and down. A wide range of adjustment guarantees appropriate ergonomics, which facilitates the efficient mushroom picking by the worker. In the performance of a given task, we adjust the size and geometric arrangement of the shelves for crates / packaging used by the client or constituting a standard in his country.

Spacious storage for crates

Additional space for crates allows the operator to work longer without having to lower the platform due to lack of space.

Remote control

The remote controls can be used to move the platform up and down. This functionality guarantees the worker the saving of time and energy required for effective mushroom harvesting.

Hand and arm protection

The lorry is distinguished by the fact that it offers protection against trapping of the mushroom picker’s hand or arm when operating the platform.

Ensuring stability of the lorry structure / frame

The main frame of the lorry is made of profiles specially developed for its purpose, which means that stiffness higher by about 250% has been achieved in comparison with methods applied by other suppliers in the market for similar applications.


The highest level of safety is guaranteed thanks to the ergonomics of the construction of the barriers, as well as their atable structure. The design of the lorry does not allow the lorry to operate with the trap door open in order to limit the risk of accident due to carelessness of the operator.


The lorry has extremely capacious batteries, providing for its operation from 2 to 5 days, depending on the number of platform start-ups as well as the load placed on the platform. The batteries are charged automatically, i.e. without a need for the presence of an employee, because the process will end automatically when the batteries are charged.

The main frame - safety and hygiene

The construction of the lorry is characterized by a very rigid main frame, ensuring high durability and a high level of safety. The special structure of the profiles used for its construction also ensures an extremely high level of hygiene.

Non-slip working platform

The picker’s work area is designed in a way to eliminate a possibility of slipping and falling.

Heavy duty wheels

The wheels are made of durable materials resistant to corrosion and their bands / raceways are made of polyurethane. The above guarantees high durability, and polyurethane ensures excellent adhesion of the wheels to the concrete at the mushroom farm. Moreover, the material used for the construction has vibration-absorbing properties.

Electrical box

Electrical components controlling the device are placed in an electrical box, which ensures tightness, protects against flooding, dirt and mechanical damage to the elements. The electrical box has a battery level indicator as a standard. This ensures continuous monitoring of battery condition and helps to effectively manage work cycles and battery charging.

Platform guide bars

The platform moves up and down using slides of a unique design. This ensures a high level of safety, while completely eliminating the likelihood of indentation and thus its damage.


3 years warranty icon

*The guarantee includes the constructional elements of our picking lorries. (you can find more detail in the general warranty conditions).



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Łukasz Zalewski Pieczarkarnia Wierzbno

A company worth recommending. The quality of the products offered is very good. Everything was sorted out on time. Very good contact with the owner, he will help and advise in every situation. We have been working together for several years and always with full professionalism. Keep it up. Regards

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Tommy G. Israel

Very high standards of production and order execution. The product, in our case - picking lorries, are well designed and fitted to the measurements we gave. The lorries are functioning very well. The service from the GrowTime team was perfect including export documents and shipment.

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Very efficient, reliable and business correct. Always at the service of its customers in terms of professional assistance, advice and other things important for better cooperation and progress.

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Łukasz Kiwała Poland

Electrically driven mushroom picking lorries offer intuitive operation and meet the expectations of pickers. The simplicity of disconnecting its drive and battery is an additional advantage. It gives an opportunity for disinfecting picking lorries separately in growing halls.

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