Apparently, mushrooms are one of the most commonly bought products in Australia!

Yes! In Australia, mushrooms are, right after the potatoes, the second most valuable fresh vegetable. Since 2018, Newton with a detachable electric drive has been involved in the process of growing mushrooms in Australia. This is the third container that will travel across the seas and oceans, and another batch of lorries that is heading towards Australia.

The first contact with the Customer took place in late 2017/2018. There were interviews, consultations, drawings sent both in and out for acceptance or correction. We have come up with different solutions so that the final product can receive five stars ? . That is what happened.

We sent the first test piece in August 2018. We tried with 100% effort to meet the Customer’s expectations. In December, after less than two months of testing, the customer placed an order for the first set of aluminum lorries with a detachable electric drive from the NEWTON series. 36 mushroom picking lorries set off into the world.

Satisfaction of our clients is the most important for us!  And the customer returning to us is the confirmation that our work did not go to waste. As you can see, the kilometers that divide us, the difference in time or the language barrier are not an obstacle for us, and the proof of that is the year 2020, in which we carry out the next order, the next batch, the next set…

Working with Newton is a guarantee of rapid return on your investment through higher harvest efficiency and ergonomics, our Australian partner already knows about it, how about YOU?