Is selective picking a worthwhile investment for mushroom growing farms?

What affects mushroom picking efficiency the most in mushroom growing farms?

Nearly every profitable, modern mushroom growing farm chooses to use mushroom picking trolleys, which are designed with high efficiency and safety of use in mind. The trolleys allow mushroom farm owners to optimize the cost of labour, leading to increased profits.

High-quality mushroom picking trolleys make faster and easier picking possible. Thanks to advanced design solutions, the effort required from the picker is minimal, and yet the harvest can be carried out in an optimal way.

Durable, ergonomic and safe trolleys are a great investment that yields fast results when it comes to raising picking efficiency. Therefore, it’s a priority for every manufacturer to constantly improve them and introduce new useful features.

What solutions does a modern mushroom picking trolley offer?

Solutions that affect the speed and overall efficiency of the picking are extremely important and thus worth paying attention to. The main ones are:

The power supply of the trolley is an important component that also affects the overall efficiency of the farm:

However, at the same time, they can’t have too large size and weight, as it would negatively affect their mobility.

Other small, but frequently very useful features include:

The safety of a mushroom picking trolley is also extremely important since workplace accidents lead to issues with sick leave and consequent understaffing. Some of the most important safety features present in modern trolleys are:

What’s more, every mushroom picking trolley should be made in accordance (at minimum) with all of the safety regulations present in the CE Machinery Directive.

What does selective picking mean and what does it result in?

Selective picking encompasses all of the trolley traits that deal with its movement. It’s crucial due to the fact that the picker’s ability to reach all of the mushrooms that are ready for picking in the smallest amount of time greatly affects the mushroom growing farm’s overall profitability.

The data clearly reflects the effect that selective picking has on harvesting efficiency, e.g. the yield per square meter of crop. Using modern, high-quality trolleys can result in up to 2 additional kilograms per square meter of the crop, which makes a big difference in profits. Furthermore, more efficient picking allows to reduce the employment rate of the mushroom growing farm by 10 to 20% or even more, which means lower labour costs.

Where can you buy high-quality, modern trolleys that will allow the farm to reach peak picking efficiency?

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