Electric drive Fixed

Electric drive for hanging trolleys

Disassembled fixed electric drive lying free on desk
Disassembled fixed electric drive lying free on desk

Why our product?


Fixed electric drive is a solution recommended mainly for small and medium mushroom growers, who want to increase the efficiency of mushroom harvesting as well as ergonomics of work during mushroom picking.


The fixed drive was one of the most important steps to improve the performance of the picker  during the mushroom picking.

The used automatic platform lifting and lowering system replaces the manual trolley winch.

The electric winch enable the lorry move safely and easy between the shelving beds – up and down.

The fixed drive is also available as an additional option for self-assembly to the picking lorry equipped with a manual winch.

In case of using the drive as an additional option, our company will analyse the application of the drive according to  The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (CE marking), to ensure the necessary safety and ergonomics of work when picking mushrooms.

Higher standard

  • Automation lifting and lowering of platform
  • Variable height of platform adjustment allows the trolley to fit even better on to the bed of the shelving
  • Limit switch to ensure safe movement of the platform upwards of the shelving by automatically stopping at the permitted height.
  • An emergency STOP button allows TO stopped immediately the movement of the platform
  • Modular design for quick assembly and disassembly of the electrical box
  • Fixed Electric Drive  made of stainless steel and aluminium, it’s ensures high resistance to the conditions in the mushroom farm
  • Small dimensions of disconnectable elements
  • Possibility instalation of the drive in to the picking lorry equipped with a manual winch

Main units and mechanisms

  • Electric winch,
  • Control panel,
  • Electric box with battery


The electric winch and control panel are fixed to the moving frame of picking lorry.

Buttons for controlling the winch and the safety button are located in the control panel.

Electric box with the batteries used to power the electric motor also contains controls for the electric winch. This module can easily be uninstalled from the lorry in order to charge the batteries.

Additionally, the electric drive is equipped with a limit switch that limits the movement of the platform in the upward direction.



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Łukasz Kiwała Poland

Electrically driven mushroom picking lorries offer intuitive operation and meet the expectations of pickers. The simplicity of disconnecting its drive and battery is an additional advantage. It gives an opportunity for disinfecting picking lorries separately in growing halls.

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Lech K. Poland

The implementation of the modernisation of our facilities took some time and from this perspective: it was 100% necessary and the choice of GROWTIME turned out to be correct. Both of our mushroom-growing cellars became modern and more profitable.