Expansion: our mushroom lorries and Croatia!

We have some hot positive news to share with you. Yes, we have signed a contract with one of the leading Croatian mushroom producers. This is a particularly joyful moment for us, because after a two-month trial period, in which Newton faced off with another manufacturer’s competing lorry – WE WON. The design, workmanship and functionality of the lorry have proven to be reliable in all respects.

As you have already noticed, most of our clients, before deciding to purchase a mushroom picking lorry, have the possibility to test its functionality. It often happens that the test version of the lorry is designed specifically for a given customer. This is conditioned by the non-standard dimensional parameters of the structures, i.e., due to the size of the packaging, the width of the porch and others, and the test period is the time in which the customer and we have the possibility to fully adjust the lorry to his needs. Before that happens, however, we study his needs very carefully.  In the end, the customer receives from us a mushroom picking lorry fully adapted for his harvest. Of course, the possibility of testing, applies not only to aluminum lorries of the NEWTON series, but also hydraulic lorries of the PASCAL series.

That was the case here. Testing time completed and in July we are already shipping the first of the three lots of the Newton lorries with an electric detachable drive, so we start the fulfillment of the order. Croatia is waiting!  Hvala i srdačan pozdrav.